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Become a Sponsor of Russian Florida Yellow Pages!
The sponsorship with campaign ‘Ultimate’ give you the 3 full listings in our app. All 3 ads we’ll be put to any Category by your choice.
Your ad will get the full optimization for better search within the app during the full calendar year of running:
— Giant amount of information about your business
— 7 images + Logo
— Unlimited: emails, websites, phone numbers
— Address on the map + localization and navigation
— Cover Banner for your Listings
— Cover Permanent Banner on any 3 listings of Category ‘Information’ by your choice (if it’s not occupied)
— Up to 3 different discount coupons for your customers
— Up to 3 different Loyalty cards for you customers
— 2.000 impressions of your banner rotating through the whole application. You can change these banner once during the year of running
— 4.000 Push Notifications. You can split them up to 4 parts during the year. (please note: information about the dates, times, geopositions and designs of push notifications need to be passed to us for at least 15 days before start of the event.
— your information will be automatically placed to the listing on our website:
— three times per month, every month we will place your advertising to our large Russian Speaking Group on Facebook
— your advertising will be designed for printing as 1/2 of page based on purchased advertising package and will be placed to the printed version of Russian Florida Yellow Pages which is scheduled for printing at the beginning of 2020

Optional for free (in 15 days from the initial payment we can build) Widget ‘Schedule an appointment’ for your business. You can make schedule and your customers can make an appointment with you through your listing at our application. Another small app on your phone will notify you as soon as someone make an appointment. You can manage every appointment and check your schedule in this app.

Everything, Art Works & Design: banners, push notifications, images etc. will be on us — We’ll create it for you.

Package Ultimate can be paid by 12 installments for the whole calendar year ($290 per month)

Package Ultimate — one time payment of $2790 for the whole calendar year

On the next page you can detailed information about our biggest advertising package — Platinum

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